Thursday, October 7, 2010


The Nonpopulist has moved to Classy, huh? Update your bookmarks. Tell your friends and enemies. I will try to get a redirect on this page soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

HUGE Site News: 2 Legit 2 Quit (Hey, Hey)

 Elisabeth Shue always serves up the sexy just like me.

This week, lady and gentlemen, I am going legit. I have purchased the domain and am working on building the site. I am also switching blogging platforms to what I have learned is the Cadillac of blogging platforms, Wordpress. Sorry blogspot bros, but it's time to make the switch. Let's always remember the good times.
I need to kick this thing to the next level of jerkitutde, though. Come with me to my new home of a$sholery, I'm hoping to have the new site ready to launch this week, and I will probably not update this website ever again. EVER! Blogspot is dead to me. I'm already working on a tear-jerking montage celebrating our good times together. It'll be fapable.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Season of Community + Cool Remix Promo + Hot Alison Brie Pictures

 Wow, Alison Brie is really sexying up that dilapidated loft apartment. I
have a weakness for boy shorts like those.

Community is not only one of the best comedies on television it is one of the best television shows on the boob tube today, period. I will verbally spar with you if you feel otherwise. The first episode of the new season (season 2) airs tonight on NBC. You may have even already seen the new episode by the time you read this so I have something of note to offer for those winding up at this weblog post, hot pictures of Alison Brie and a remix done by DJ Steve Porter. Porter has made a name for himself making all sorts of internet promotional videos that include music, mashups, and auto-tune pieces with a viral feel. They are good at what they do over there and have an impressive client list. I am not on board with the auto-tune video they did for ESPN that aired on Sunday NFL Countdown last week because it was had both auto-tune and the video featured the Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli.)
Here is a video remix DJ Steve Porter did of Community season 1 that is quite strong.

Nicely done, Porter. That video succeeded in getting me more wet for the Community premiere tonight. Speaking of wet.

Here are a few more photos courtesy of Warming Glow.

A huge classy hat tip to Ufford who runs shit over at Warming Glow. He is the class of television bloggers. He makes this site look like mentally handicapped people drawing crayon pictures on a toilet. Ooohh, I just got an idea for a post, people. I'll let you know how it goes (poorly.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American Idol Announces New Judges, People with Brains Collectively Sound a High-Pitched Mouth Fart

The people who are into this show have always sort of annoyed me, but all of the buzz as to who the next warm bodies to sit in the judge's chair would be annoyed me enough that something needed to be written. Entertainment blogs and websites have been abuzz with opinions and rumors on who will be the new American Idol judges for a while now. I'd rather be updated with stories about the amount of herpes the cast of The Jersey Shore have. O wait, we have that too. Valtrex passed around like candies, you say? Lovely. Pop culture is full of whores. There are money whores, actual whores, fame whores. I'd say there is a mix of these various kinds of whores in the selection of judges for this season's American Idol. (ed note: Should shows like this really be typed in italics? No.)

The first judge is Randy Jackson. He is the only carryover judge. I saw today in a story about American Idol that Randy Jackson's twitter is handle @yo_randyjackson. Really? I get it because in every thing I ever see making fun of him he always says, "Yo" and "Dog." It makes sense. He could have almost even gone with @yodawgJackson or @yodawgyoumydawgyo. And no I am not linking to that crap on my blog.

The second judge will be Jennifer Lopez. I remember a time when I thought she was hot (I mean pretty, not trendy), but the stories about what an insufferable person she is to work with have really influenced my thinking. I just assume she is a bitch. And she did Gigli and whatever else she's done that does not matter at all to me. She is reportedly getting $12 million for her "work" on American Idol this year. Meanwhile some homeless guy got mad when I told him no when he asked for change the other week. I asked him for change, and he called me crazy which I thought was thoroughly racist. What? Do you think every white guy is the Brad Wesley character from Roadhouse? I work for a living too, asshole, and hard. I don't have a lot of extra money laying around to give to somebody who has given up on life. I'm actually trying over here.

The third judge will be Steven Tyler. I'm not for certain why I have such a personal bias against Steven Tyler, but I think part of it is this girl I was into met him on vacation one time and got a picture with him. Nothing happened (she was with her parents and still a minor at the time) between them, but I saw the picture when she got back and said something to the effect of, "O, that's cool that you don't discriminate and are willing to take pictures with alien-looking lesbians. She did not enjoy my humor at this moment, and she discovered how stubborn I was when I would not quit making fun of how he looked despite her multiple protests. She did not get the joke at first and informed me he was the guy from Aerosmith. I really do not understand why such a large percentage of women find Steven Tyler attractive, but they do. He doesn't even look human, and it's not close. It perturbs me in the old noggin. And Aerosmith as a band? Meh. To wrap up that story about the girl that met Steven Tyler I only let her touch my penis one time. To sum up my feelings on anything American Idol-related- *high-pitched mouth fart*.

That was a good, hate-filled warm up. I plan on submitting to the torture that the new NBC show crap sandwich Outsourced most definitely will be in order that I may write about how it will likely be a method of abortion on par with the "wire coat hanger method." My goal, my mission in life is to cause this show to get canceled. I want to verbally eviscerate all who are responsible for this show. This is the battle I have chosen, people. I am so tired of crappy television and this will be my Hamburger Hill. WHO'S WITH ME? /crickets

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dad Outshines His Daughters in Youtube Bieber Dance Party

In honor of my twitter avatar for the past week (Justin Bieber) I thought this post would be a good send off. I will change it tomorrow afternoon. To what I will change I am not sure yet, but I'd rather have the default twitter bird than roll with the Biebs any longer. For those of you who do not follow me on twitter, this has been my avatar for the past week.

The reason that has been my avatar for an awesome week is because I lost a fantasy football bet. The winner got to choose the loser's twitter avatar for a week. When you consider what my choice for him her would have been I'm sure you'll agree it was a dick move on his her part. She's a Minnesota Vikings fan so I was going to choose an Aaron Rodgers picture for him her. But enough of my bitchy whining. I've taken my medicine. I am not going to give the winner of the bet the pleasure of publicity, though. This video helps a little.

Wow, that is uncomfortable to watch, but not for the reason you might think. The girls are lifeless. How can they ever hope to make it out of the Lithuania (according to the Youtube information) based on their singing and performing talents? The dad, on the other hand, has got the goods. He seems a little like he may be a cog in the wheel of some eastern bloc crime syndicate but has managed to get a lot of practice dancing at the local discotheque their crime family owns. Good for him. I still feel bad for him as a parent, though. His daughters aren't living up to the family talent level. I hope these girls learn from their father and bring some charisma next time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Nonpopulist Interviews Super Bowl-Winning Coach Jimmy Johnson (Part 2)

A nice shot of Coach Johnson with the military personnel in attendance

The second part of my interview with Coach Johnson is below. As promised there are more hard-hitting football questions as well as the Survivor questions that were asked by myself and a few of the other reporters.

At a Crown Royal event for their new initiative, Operation CAMO Care Package, I had the opportunity to interview two-time Super Bowl Winning coach Jimmy Johnson along with three other blogger-types. Operation CAMO Car Package is a project Crown Royal in conjunction with Operation Troop Aid. I recommend you check out what they are doing and support the cause. The easiest way you can give your support is by going to your local adult beverage retailer and purchasing a bottle of Crown Royal in a purple camouflage bag. For every camo-bagged Crown Royal purchased they will fill another camo bag with essential items such as toiletries, sunscreen, snacks, and in some cases 120-minute prepaid phone cards and send it to troops serving overseas. That seems like a win-win to me. You win because you get to enjoy

I would like to let my readers in on a little bit of my experience at the event. I was one of the most under-dressed people at the event. Almost everyone guy had a suit on except, you guessed it, the bloggers. The two other male bloggers had on shorts and polo shirts. I had on slacks and a long-sleeve button-down shirt (classy and sexy, right ladies?) The female blogger was dressed very appropriately as well, probably classier than me. Also, there was a free lunch and free booze. Crown Royal was featured, and this reporter can confirm that is so, so smooth.

As with the last post the following interview portion has been edited for length and to not reveal how long and bumbling my questions were.

Nonpopulist: (On Survivor), Was it easy to turn into Coach Johnson, did you use that to your advantage?

Coach Johnson: Well, I really didn’t want to be the leader. I didn’t want to be the boss, and they just kept saying, listen, we’ve got decisions to make and somebody, not saying you’re going to make the decision, but you help us make the decision. So, I said at least I’ll do that.

Nonpopulist: How quickly did hygiene go out the window? How long did you keep up appearances?

Coach Johnson: About 30 minutes (laughing)

Nonpopulist: 30 minutes, and you spent a whole month there? (more laughing) [ed. Note: damn, I’m funny]

John (It’s Never Sunny in Cincinnati): If Jerry Jones was on Survivor, how long would he last?

Coach Johnson: Well, Jerry’s had the good life for a long, long time, and what I’ve found out because I’ve had the good life for awhile myself, being on the couch in the air condition, sleeping in a bed, having lots of food and water makes you want to come back and get those things again. So I don’t know if Jerry would last real long on Survivor.

John (INSIC): When the Survivor taping ended, what was your first meal when you got back home?

Coach Johnson: I had four cold beers. (laughter of knowing-drunks)

Nonpopulist: Nice, that’s a good choice.

 Coach packing the ceremonial Crown CAMO bag

Nonpopulist: You followed coaching legends three times in your career. Two out of three went well for you. Having the benefit of years to look back and reflect, what would you say the difference is between the two successful ones and the one that didn’t go as well?

Coach Johnson: Following Schnellenberger we ended up winning a championship. In four years, we only lost two regular season games, so that went well. Then following Landry, back to back Super Bowls, so that went well and we put together a team that won another one. And then, following Shula, we were in the playoffs three straight years and we were in the second round of playoffs two straight years. Now, for most teams in the NFL, going to the second round of playoffs is usually pretty good, but when you’ve got a couple Super Bowl rings, people have expectations to win a Super Bowl, so if you don’t win a Super Bowl it’s a disappointment. But people look at the Dolphin thing and say, well, was that a disappointment—I thought we played about as well as our talent allowed us to play. Like I said, going to the playoffs three straight years, but we didn’t win a super bowl, so that was a disappointment.

Nonpopulist: Yeah, that was my follow up. Were you the victim of high expectations?

Coach Johnson: Yeah, again, most teams in the league would love to be in the playoffs three straight years.

Nonpopulist: Yeah, when was the last time you got a coaching inquiry about a coaching position?

Coach Johnson: I’ve had inquiries about, not coaching in the last 5 or 6 years, but being a general manager or being a consultant. Of course, in the early years they always wanted me to coach, but I’ve pretty well made it clear to everybody I love doing Fox NFL Sunday. That satisfies my itch for football, and being out there with Bradshaw and Howie Long and Strahan and Menefee.

Nonpopulist: Yeah, we can tell you guys have a good time.

Coach Johnson: We have a ball.

Nonpopulist: I saw where last Sunday on the Fox NFL Morning Show, you guys were giving your Super Bowl picks and you chose the Colts and the Cowboys.

Coach Johnson: Yeah and both of them lost. I’ve said before I’m terrible at picking games, but I still like both teams.

Nonpopulist: What do you think of former players and coaches who are now commentators stumping for their former teams?

Coach Johnson: I don’t necessarily stump for a team. I mean if you look at the picks I made, the Cowboys and the Colts, that pretty well might be the consensus around the league. The only one that might be thrown in there with them would be the Packers, maybe. A lot of people are picking Green Bay. That’s probably the consensus pick. Again, I don’t have any allegiance to any team as far as the way I am on Fox NFL Sunday.

Nonpopulist: So, you’re not afraid of getting the cold shoulder or anything like that?

Coach Johnson: I think players more so than former coaches. The only coaches that might be concerned about that are ones that are going to go back and coach again which I’m not.

One of Coach Johnson's Super Bowl rings. Shiny.

Again, I would like to say thank you to HuggingHaroldReynolds and the folks at Taylor PR for the opportunity.

The Nonpopulist Interviews Super Bowl-Winning Coach Jimmy Johnson (Part 1)

At a Crown Royal event for their new initiative, Operation CAMO Care Package, I had the opportunity to interview two-time Super Bowl Winning coach Jimmy Johnson along with three other blogger-types. Operation CAMO Car Package is a project Crown Royal in conjunction with Operation Troop Aid. I recommend you check out what they are doing and support the cause. The easiest way you can give your support is by going to your local adult beverage retailer and purchasing a bottle of Crown Royal in a purple camouflage bag. For every camo-bagged Crown Royal purchased they will fill another camo bag with essential items such as toiletries, sunscreen, snacks, and in some cases 120-minute prepaid phone cards and send it to troops serving overseas. That seems like a win-win to me.

The following interview portion has been edited for length and to not reveal how long and bumbling my questions were.

Nonpopulist: First, I want to say thank you for what you’re doing for the troops with Crown Royal and these care packages. It’s always good to see that, regardless of politics, we’re still supporting the troops. You mentioned spending time in Afghanistan, what do you have as a message to civilians after spending time there?

Coach Johnson: The biggest thing is don’t forget. I mean, don’t forget that we’ve got service men and women over fighting a war. And, don’t just take them for granted, because they’re doing a service and they’re sacrificing for our freedom and I think sometimes, back here in the States, they get all excited at one time, and as time goes on they just go on about their lives and they forget that we’ve got service men and women over there serving our country. So, don’t forget.

Dave (Blogging the Boys): You saw the Cowboys/Redskins game last week, so what’s your evaluation of the Cowboys so far?

Coach Johnson: Obviously it was really disappointing for any Cowboy fan to see some of the decisions made, not taking a knee right before the half was just a horrible decision. And I think they’re going to still be a good football team. I think the biggest thing is they get the offensive line back healthy then they’ll be at full strength. Defensively, I think they’ll be one of the top defenses in the league. And offensively they’ve got the skill people, but they’ve got to get those linemen back healthy.

Dave: You mentioned about the kneel down before the half and there’s a little back and forth about did Wade Phillips call it, did Jason Garrett call it, what do you think about that? The dynamic between the two.

Coach Johnson: We’re doing a piece on Fox NFL Sunday this weekend. I’m doing a piece on clock management and game management. An offensive coordinator’s responsibility is to score, but the head coach does the game management. The end result is the head coach has got to make the decision.

Dave: The Cowboys take on the Bears this weekend, so I wanted to ask you about containing Mike Martz’ offense? What’s the best way to attack that kind of offense?

Coach Johnson: Well, usually with Martz’s offense, he pretty well plays into your hands because as good as that defense is for the Cowboys, they’ll be able to get some sacks and interceptions. Martz is going to put up some numbers, as far as Cutler throwing the ball, so they’ll put up some numbers, and they’ll probably score some points, but I think the defense will end up getting some scores themselves, at least kicking field goals. You’ve got to force Culter into mistakes.

Nonpopulist: What young or up and coming coach are you looking at to make an impact in the league in the next few years?

Coach Johnson: Well, it’s hard for me to put one out there for the simple reason unless I’ve actually coached with them or I know them personally, I don’t want to go out and endorse somebody. I do know Sean Payton well, and he’s young, but he’s won the Super Bowl. In fact, one of the pieces I’m doing this week I give credit to Sean, some of his game management skills

Nonpopulist: What about rookies? In particular, Dez Bryant?

Coach Johnson: yeah, well I followed Dez Bryant because he played for Oklahoma State and that’s where I coached for 5 years, and I think he is going to be a tremendous talent. He’s really going to help the Cowboys if he can stay healthy.

Nonpopulist: I mean I guess they gave him 88 for a reason, right?

Coach Johnson: He’s a very talented individual.

Nonpopulist: A lot of jokes have been made about you doing the ads and sponsorship for Extenze, you know?

Coach Johnson: Right

Nonpopulist: There are easy pickings there comedically. How much did you get initially from the guys on Fox NFL Sunday and your other friends? [ed. note Wussed out, should have been edgier]

Coach Johnson: Well, Bradshaw in particular, but like I told him, I said, for that particular product, at my age I need all the help I can get (awkward laughter)

More hard-hitting football questions, and I'll get to a few Survivor questions in the next portion of the interview I post. You do not want to miss it.

Also, I would like to say thank you to HuggingHaroldReynolds and the folks at Taylor PR for the opportunity. It was a class event.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Author of The Anarchist Cookbook Sells Out, Denounces Book

The author of The Anarchist Cookbook, one of the classic "banned books," has denounced his masterwork. Read author William Powell's statement here at Why do I care? Why am I posting about The Anarchist Cookbook? Why are you not posting about it? It's a classic book and a hot-button issue after all these years. Powell wrote the book in 1968-1969 and people who know what it is still whisper when they talk about it. I love discussing things that are taboo. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have seen and read parts of the book. It's outdated at this point, but from what I understand people have made updated copies and put them online. People tell me current ones are far worse than what Powell had originally written. Even the revelation that Powell denounced the text appears to be old according to the comments at the above story link.
Hat tip to the twitter feed of Anarchist News where I first saw the story.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Site News: I Scored a Major Interview with a Super Bowl-Winning Coach

Tomorrow on The Nonpopulist I will pretend for a day this is a classy establishment in front of other people. I will hoodwink people in a professional PR setting into thinking I know the something about interviewing anyone as I do so for the first time with two-time Super Bowl-Winning coach Jimmy Johnson. Not bad for a first interview, huh? Well, we will see how it goes. I may make a complete a$$ of myself (likely.) Hopefully the fact that I have yet to shell out to pay for my own domain name will not make everyone throw spitballs at me. Many thanks to HuggingHaroldReynolds for the opportunity. I will try not to let you down. I will try my best to get something up from the interview tomorrow afternoon. I am shooting for a full transcript. Please feel free to comment if you have any good questions you would like me to ask.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Latest Mentally Unstable Person Running for Public Office Is the Most Polished Yet

The startling awesome trend of people who should either be under full-time psychiatric care or at least taking medication for mental illness running for public office continues with Phil Davison. Guys like Davison, Chris Young, and make me ponder if it is worse to have crazy people or deceitful manipulators who are money and power grubbing whores in our political offices. The answer: more anarchy. Davison wants to be the GOP candidate for Stark County Treasurer which is in Ohio. As you will see he is passionate about wanting to be treasurer for this county in Ohio. Wait, Ohio? O, he's probably in the 90th percentile of intelligence in Ohio. Compared to the rest of the country, though, this guy is a nut job. See for yourself.

By far the best part of this video is how Phil Davison curtails the crazy at various points and remembers what would appear to be speech class etiquette. Wait, he has a Master's degree in Communication? Did I really hear him say that? I'm glad I have a college degree because obviously that still means something in today's world. O wait, I do contract IT work with no guarantee of a steady paycheck and am a wannabe blogger with a $hitty readership who never comments and who gets most of my page views from Google image searches. Sad but true. Why am I crapping on myself? This guy is the one who needs professional help. No one should be that happy or proud of their political affiliation.
Someone at around the 2:45 mark responds to a rhetorical question Davison poses. I learned a long time ago to try to avoid interactions with crazy people when they are agitated. Luckily it did not backfire on whoever that misguided was. It was fortunate for them they responded with something the candidate wanted to hear. Ha, he dropped a "knowledge is power" at the 4:28 mark. I'm glad to know someone else was a Schoolhouse Rock fan. Best of luck to Davison in the race.
Credit goes to Huffington Post as it was their story originally and the video was shot by one of their citizen journalists.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL Cheerleader Eaten By Mascot: Video

 Sexy NFL cheerleader shot is obligatory

This weekend's NFL action was nothing short of spectacular. I was entertained for about 9 and a half straight hours yesterday. There were controversial plays, epic fails, and this... a Tennessee Titans cheerleader being eaten by a mascot. I did not type eaten out, you pervert. This isn't a porn site. I saw this live since the Titans are my favorite team. Most of the time when my wife is watching a game with me I have to pretend I'm not paying attention to what the cheerleaders are doing with a casual look away here and there, but I hit rewind on the DVR a few times for this. As I perused Youtube for this clip I see it has been done already several times, but it's new to me. A version of the Titans' mascot(regular one is a furry costume), a racoon named T-Rac, swallows a cheerleader whole. Watch the video:

If the Youtube video gets taken down, go here.