Monday, June 14, 2010

Site News: Where the Hell Have I Been?

You may have noticed the gaping hole in the internet where my daily blog posts at the three sites for which I write (this one, The Nonpopulist, The Gally Blog, and EDGE.) Well, there's a reasonable explanation for the lack of mediocre posts cresting the waves of the internet last week. You see, I began a new contract job last week, and it has been running me fairly ragged. I have to be there early, work eight hours, and then drive over an hour to get back and forth from the site. Not that I'm complaining, though, this is the steadiest job I have had for a while, and the pay is excellent. I'm no longer sucking entirely off of the teat of my sugar mama... figuratively. Literally, I still am sucking... never mind. The point is after a few days of not being able to dick around on the internet all day I miss it. I really miss it. I am looking back longingly on the days I didn't even take a shower in favor of keeping a close watch on all of the twitter and internet goings-on. Then rushing around the house when my wife got home to pretend as if I had done some laundry or dishes or something in the yard. Ahh, the deceitful good ol' days. Maybe when this contract is over I can come back to a life of crude jokes and internet assholery. The contract is supposed to be 2-3 months, but we'll see. I and the people I am working with are already streamlining the sh!t out of the place. I'm coming running back to you internet with high-pitch Steve Perry open arms. Until then I will try to pepper in some posts in the evening. I also think I'll focus more on my serious writing (i.e. novel), but whatever. That's not funny or entertaining as of now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Kid Is So Punk Rock

A not so Fat Mike

This kid is so punk rock, he'll probably be the next Fat Mike (of NOFX.)
His debut splash into the music world is called "I'm Fat, and Nobody Likes Me." Both of these kids in this video are wearing those power chords out. Saw it on Web Soup originally. The way that Chris Hardwick says "Web Soooooooooup" at the beginning of the show is starting to grow on me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Sitcom Intro Recut to the Theme Song of Friends

This video gets done for every sitcom if not all television shows now. I saw one with the sitcom Community a while back, but this time it's Parks and Recreation. I enjoy both of those shows by the way. What I do not enjoy is the rush to see who's going to edit some clips together from the latest hot show and drop it against the iconic barf bag theme song from Friends. I respect the editing skills since I wouldn't know where to begin to make a video like that, and I know it's fun to have your momentary brush with a celebrity from the show or the creator when they mention your video on twitter. I'm sure it's a high to get that recognition, but your talents can be better spent editing videos of people getting hit in the nuts set to wacky slide whistle noises and parents exploiting their children while on narcotics. It's played out, guys.
On top of how played out it is, why does it always have to be the Friends theme song? Did people actually like Friends? I could not stand that show. I liked the theme song even less. Why doesn't anyone ever do one of these videos to the MacGyver theme song. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh duuh du du duuh....
That's a genius idea, and I won't even be mad if someone steals or if it's already been done and I'm unaware of it. Here is a fartists (intentional misspell) rendering of the Parks and Recreation introduction set to the theme song from Friends I like Aubrey Plaza's character on Parks and Rec. Everything she does is hilariously cute to me: