Monday, September 28, 2009

Bordering on Mental Retardation

The czars President Obama has appointed looks like a cast of characters meant to alienate a specific segment of the American people besides a few Americans that believe Communism worked in the past and will work for America's future. This story from details the latest guy that is chapping my ass is Cass Sunstein. The specific group of the mainstream American populace he would like to offend is hunters. In his own words he believes we should, "regulate hunting out of existence." O wait, he also thinks animals should be able to sue humans in court. What kind of confused influences and series of experiences in this person's life led him to actually believe something like that? It is confounding that someone this unintelligent walks and breathes on the same planet as you and I do. And more confounding is that he is considered for any sort of leadership role in any context. Someone needs to pick Cass up and shake him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Link Party- The Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day

What an incredibly beautiful woman. I want to eat cake off of that ass.

Quintessential Nonpopulism. My favorite micro-genre would be either rock band documentaries/concerts or books by misogynists, also impersonations. I can watch those for hours. [The A.V. Club]

I think this story is a case of so much research time that the story passed them by. Ammo prices have come down and there is more in stock compared to 6 months ago. That was the peak. [Associated Press via Yahoo!]

From the blog Living Obama Hell- A video that takes you back in time and gives some perspective on how President Obama got elected. [Living Obaba Hell's YouTube page]

A new level of stalking. Creepy. []

All those who are unemployed, take a page from this story. [Wall Street Journal]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Innocence Lost: Children Sing Obama's Praises

Watch this video

Eerie, am I right? Children are so impressionable, so I know it's important to brainwash them early, but oy vey. I think most everyone has seen the Obama Youth video that inspired thoughts of Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany, but the raping of children's innocence is something we can't allow. In thinking of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and so many others who have fought to bring neutrality to our public school systems we must ask ourselves, "Why go backward now?" I do not have children, but if I did I would not like my young one being taught this song and videoed for the whole world to see. A copy of the lyrics for the two songs the children sang calmed me down a little, but they still show the rhetoric that seems have taken root by osmosis around this country in regards to our rock star president. Mmm mmm mmm...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Populist Vs. Nonpopulist: Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech

Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame acceptance speech was more polarizing and controversial than anyone expected. Personally, I loved it. I ate it up. I wasn't always a Bulls/MJ fan growing up. Since I have been a Nonpopulist my whole life you can imagine that I rooted against Michael for many years because he was always on top. I was a Phoenix Suns fan when Charles Barkley went to play for them and a Celtics fan before that when they were done winning championships and Larry "Back Spasm" Bird was a mere shell of his former self. No, it took many years for Michael to win me over. I wasn't really a fan of his until after his 2nd retirement (the first non-baseball one.) I don't remember the moment he won me over, but he did. It was probably with the help of a close friend who kept feeding me Jordan stories like the time he was playing for the Wizards and a younger player blocked one of shots. Jordan was so indignant that a player had dared to block one of his shots he ran the floor and pinned that guy's shot against the backboard and the trash MJ talked to that young player was also visible on his face. What really sealed my fandom for Jordan was his book, Driven from Within. That book was amazing in detailing Jordan's personal drive. He really wanted to win by any means necessary and meant it as you can see by his career.
All that aside, I can't really find any fault with his Hall of Fame induction speech where he has come under so much fire since he gave it. Sure, he got a few jabs in. He's Michael effing Jordan. He's allowed to do what he wants as far as basketball is concerned. Yes, he jokingly ribbed the coach that cut him in favor of Leroy Smith. Since that fact has come to light so many years ago everyone else in the known universe has as well. The main comment I've heard disparaging Jordan's Hall of Fame speech is that he was being petty or vindictive. That's a crock of crap. When you look at his speech through the perspective of his competitive desire being the only thing in his life, understanding that it consumed him and still does, you can accept him for who he is and appreciate his speech for what it was. And if you can't get on board go watch the flu game and the Sports Century classic on the flu game. Child, please.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things No One Else Is Talking About: 9/11 Truth

Another 9/11 anniversary passed recently with a little bit less ado than the previous year, as has been the trend since the incident's first anniversary. I'm not saying no one cares. That's not the case. All Americans care about every aspect of the national tragedy that was 9/11. We have had several years to process some grief and move on to other struggles and pain, though.
Even I have a hard time writing this because the issue is so sticky, but there is an aspect of that day's events that may not be dealt with for several decades. Let me explain. Many people do not believe the official story that has been published on 9/11. In fact, many people on the commission don't think they got to the complete truth. I refer you to, as crazy as it sounds, Charlie Sheen. This is a long article, but read what you can of it. In spite of being viewed as a crackpot for his views on 9/11, even President Obama had to give him his due since Sheen was so well-researched for his "20 minutes with the President."
I'm not sure what I believe about 9/11 other than it was horrible. There are many lingering questions that have been raised and researched since 2001, but I doubt we will have any answers to them for a long time. We might be disconnected from that day's events by the time all of the truth sees the light.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Evaluating the Intelligence of Tea Partiers

This Party/march video where a pretentious and trying to communicate-objectivity-and-superior- intelligence interviewer is sent to break down a group of people by letting them make themselves look foolish. We've all seen the Daily Show and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog before. This tactic has been used but mostly abused. I'm sure that if it were a bunch of liberal people having a rally they would all be articulate, well-informed, and just make love to the camera, right? Is this little prick trying to be the next Michael Moore? That's no way to go through life, son. Also, here's a link with pictures from a tea party event. The signs in that slideshow illustrate the same thing the video does, that a lot of people know things are wrong with the country even though they may not be edumacated enough to communicate it or have the time to stay completely informed on each issue.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Ideas Are Barely Good on Paper

"More oppression is what we need." That's what I was thinking to myself this morning as I awoke. Good thing I found this piece of shit story. The current level of oppression imposed on us by police forces across the US is obviously not enough. Now some police departments such as this one in Idaho have had some of their officers trained to be phlebotomists so that they can administer blood tests to the people who refuse breathalyzer tests when under suspicion for DUI. Why don't we all just live in cages on farms like chickens? We could have periods of exercise and have shelter and be fed three times a day, but we would be under constant supervision so nothing would ever go wrong and no one would ever do anything wrong. Let me live my damn life. I don't need your help brushing my teeth or putting on my clothes. Quit intruding!
With England leading the way, America is sprinting to catch up in ways our respective governments have control over our lives. This really doesn't even seem like a big shoe that's dropped. It's way less important than say, a United States president firing a CEO of a company (GM). I'm probably just overreacting as usual, right?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They've Got Just As Much of a Right As We Do

Hugo Chavez recently being given a 2.2 billion credit line in order to buy arms may be a shock to some, but to me, it is rote dictatorial behavior that does not excite me in the least. The story (The Associated Press via Yahoo) details how Venezuela has already received $4 billion in financing from the Russian government in recent years, and quite frankly, they have a right to arm themselves. At the heart of Chavez anti-Western rhetoric lies the truth that the US does keep a watchful eye on his country to the point of increasing the access and number of American troops stationed in Columbia. Chavez is a cog in the balance of power that we learned about in history books when we were in high school. Even though the juggernaut that is America has slowed to a molasses pace, we still need someone to call us on out on shit. Why not a South American dictator? Bottom line: Venezuela is a sovereign country that has just as much of a right to defend their soil just as America.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wilson Digs in His Heels

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) did something that took a lot of balls, and balls are something we respect here at the Nonpopulist. During a speech to a joint-session of Congress Rep. Wilson blurted out, "You lie." *Madden voice* You see what he did there? The president was giving a speech, and he jumped up and called him a liar. BOOM* The action is hard to praise, much less justify, but it took some big ass balls. This article (Kansas City Star) details how Congressmen Wilson is now taking a defiant stance against his lawmaking colleagues after apologizing to the president in person. He feels the personal apology should be enough. As far as his public comments go, I feel he should take a less is more approach because he went on TV recently and made claims of how he respects the president and he upholds civility. Dude, you just interrupted the president during a speech and called him a liar. You lie. You don't respect shit, but that's alright. Just say, "I said what was on some other lawmaker's minds as well as many American's minds, but I did it in the wrong situation, and I could have been more articulate and respectful with my claim." That is all you have to say to come out smelling like roses and get re-elected. You'll find my bill in the mail.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West Doesn't Care About White People

At last night's VMA awards something non-classy happened- imagine that. Kanye West got onstage after the winner for best female video of the year award winner, Taylor Swift, began her acceptance speech. Here's a video (Hey, we're all just sharing links anyway):

<a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West Storms The VMA Stage</a>
Kanye West Storms The VMA Stage

A few years ago Kanye infamously called George Bush a racist next to a frozen Mike Myers at a telethon to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. I'm not coming to Taylor Swift's defense here as I could give less than a crap about her or her music, but I can not help but point out what a dumb, racist motherfucker Kanye West is. I also don't like his music, his attitude, his weak samples, his stolen or mediocre hooks, or him. I know he probably does not care what I have to write, but damnit, if it doesn't feel good to get that off my chest. Fuck Kanye.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nonpopulist Music: Oasis Will Be Missed

Oasis is one of my two favorite bands of all time. They are also the one of that two that I have not seen perform live, so you can imagine my disappointment when the news came out recently that the band had broken up- Again. This time the breakup feels permanent. Nonpopulism has some caveats/exemptions- what have you, and this is one. Regional Nonpopulism. In England, liking Oasis is the American equivalent of liking Justin Timberlake or whatever you consider to be one of the most popular people that makes music. In America, Oasis is a drop in the musical bucket. Wonderwall is usually the only song anyone can name by them which is annoying and cool but mostly cool. Being a yank, it is very unpopular to like Oasis, but I think Noel Gallagher, who just quit the band, is one of the best songwriters of our time. I hope all of the rumors I have been hearing for ten years is true; that Noel has solo material ready for an occasion such as this. Maybe I will get to hear Noel by himself someday. Until then I will be sad. I leave you with one of Oasis' better live performances I have seen with the best set of band members in my opinion and one of their better songs. LIVE FOREVER.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

green jobs czar - not yours

The "green jobs czar" (I refuse to capitalize that shit) Van Jones resigned over the weekend (story from Washington Times.) The only reason I care about this is because #1 How did this guy sneak through and get appointed without much fanfare in the first place? #2 Why is it ok for presidents to appoint czars, much less call these people czars (the title of the leaders in Russia before the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace and Communism took over?) Why are we trying to associate our country with that? I think the first czar was the drug czar over 10 years ago. They're advisers, right? So let's call them advisers. Also, are these appointees not vetted by Congress?
I do have to say the one thing this guy, Van Jones, was catching heat for that I don't mind is the fact that he is a 9/11 truther. If you don't know what that is, look it up by clicking on the link I have provided, you lazy jackass. Mr. Jones also called Republicans some bad names. I don't have a problem with either really. I call people bad names all of the time. He does have some things he has said in the past that bother me, but I'm trying to take a Nonpopulist approach. Did you forget the name of the blog?
Still, the czar thing is stupid.

Friday, September 4, 2009

TV to Watch Tonight

Watching TV is rather populist, but I do it in small doses. There is a show called Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey on the Fine Living Network. Fine living indeed. The concept is simple. Zane travels around the to drink and learn drink customs of the indigenous peoples. There is also some easting... blah blah blah. He drinks some crazy stuff, but all the with the intention of getting drunk. And in the episodes I have seen he most of the time finds good hangover food for the next morning wherever he might be. Here's an episode below, but the host, Zane Lamprey is going to be on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien tonight at 11:30 EST. And you should be watching Conan anyway. He's the best.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maybe Liberal Guilt

A great op-ed by Charlotte Allen of the Los Angeles Times.
I can not remember the last time I picked up a newspaper. It has been even longer since I have read the opinion section of a newspaper, but seeing it on the internet is much easier. I began reading the article based on the title alone, "Keep Your Self-righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food." How great is that? In this extremely well-written article Allen decries, and rightfully so, a group of authors and critics who think we should be paying more for goods including foodstuffs, furniture, and basically anything at Walmart. One author she points out, Ellen Ruppel Shell, wrote a book entitled "Cheap" where she lays out her liberal guilt in a how-to sort of way. Never mind that America has the highest jobless rate in recent history. What she proposes is plain inconvenient. Isn't that what publishers are for? To hold a book back when the timing is wrong? Shell, your book is not going to change anyone's mind. Masturbate your liberal guilt ego within your own group where someone may care. I also dare to say that some of the thinking behind the ideals laid out by Ellen Shell and others like her is rather socialist. Damn it, Joseph McCarthy was about 60 years too early. He would be shooting red fish in a freaking barrel in today's America. And "Keep Your Self-righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food."

Obama Praises Islam-Not a Big Deal

A sitting president praising Islam is the kind of thing that gets right wing extremists' panties in a bunch- and how! President Obama has done just that during a dinner on Tuesday to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (which always makes me think of Ramada Inn.) The part of this story from that surprised me is that we currently have 2 Islamic congressmen. Wow. Soak that in for a minute. I can see so many people overreacting to our president saying anything positive about Islam when, let's all be honest, we are basically in a war with what we understand people who follow that religion's ideals to be, even though that's not necessarily how every muslim feels. I'm speaking of perceptions here. It may come off as our president stabbing us in the back a little. President Obama saying that also may add credence to some people's suspicions that he is a "closet muslim." What he said about Islam does nothing of the sort for me. Let me summarize what the president said. 1. Muslims contribute to American society. 2. Islam is a great religion and has a commitment toward justice and progress. 3. American is not at war with Islam. That's just from the quotes pieced together in the story, but I can't say I vehemently disagree with any of those statements. There are muslim people in America who pay taxes, teach, are doctors, and do other things that fit into the definition of contributing to society. Many people follow Islam, so in that sense it's pretty great. I don't follow that religion, but the extremism inside of Islam is just that-extremism (that's why we call it extremism- because most muslims do have a commitment to justice and progress.) And America is not at war with Islam. Some people assume we are. We have Islamic countries as allies and many who we are on diplomatic good speaking terms. Isn't that where people lashed out at former President Bush? I heard cries of more diplomacy often, and when President Obama tries to bridge a gap Foxnews wants to jump on him to fan flames of rumor. Fox News is pitiful in moments like this, and I am no fan of our current president. At least they have enough balance to point out that President Bush held these types of get-togethers for Ramadan, called iftars, during his time in office.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sarcasm: This Ad Changed My Mind

"Hey, this ad will raise a few eyebrows." "I think the shock value alone will really get the message across."
Shocking the consumer public is not the most important thing in life. The worst part of this advertisement is that it is for the World Wildlife Fund. No amount of advertising is going to make me stop and think, much less change my mind about your organization, especially and advertisement in such poor taste. No one gives a crap if you guys invent 5-D or flying fucking cars. You're the World Wildlife Fund. We don't care. You don't even need ads to make the people care about you. They do that already based solely on your name and their misplaced sense of ecological hierarchy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cyclists: The Scourge of Our Roads

Like most Americans, I got my driver's license when I was 16. I had my learner's permit a year before that. That being the case I lost total interest in riding a bicycle when I was 14 and a half. I understand this is not the case for many Americans. Look at Lance Armstrong and how we halfheartedly lift him up as a sports hero. We glance over the fact that he has one nut. No one has the balls to make fun of him because he is a cancer survivor, and has gone to France many times to remind the Frenchies we can kick their ass at just about anything. That's admirable, so I'm not going to make fun of him either, but I will say I don't celebrate him nearly as much as I would because he has generated more interest in adult cycling. Why do I see this as a problem? It is a problem because I gave it up as soon as I was legally allowed to begin driving. I learned the proper context for roads in America. We don't have miles of paved roads for bike jumps, stickball, and playing basketball on. We have roads so motor vehicles can move around efficiently. Cyclists seem to like to use Saturday and Sunday morning for their group rides, and I sometimes use Saturday and Sunday mornings to drive places. Therein lies the conflict. They must know where they are in the road. The only thing they have to look at is the road in front of them so they must see how far over in the lane they are. They are mostly of legal driving age so they must know at some point this road made for cars may be occupied by cars and that they may be in the way of progress by riding their bike as if they own the road. You want to exercise- great! Ride a stationary bike or ride somewhere besides a road. They make mountain biking trails also. Here's who I say can ride bikes in the road: Tour de France or other significant road race where a detour route has been setup for cars to use, a road that has a huge bike lane, kids more than 6 months away from getting their learner's permit, people who can't afford a car but take up as little road as possible, people with a suspended or revoked license. That is all.