Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Word of the Day: Brosher

Bro, that time you puked beer out of your mouth and nose onto me was not brosher.

Your word of the day courtesy of The Nonpopulist is brosher.

Brosher: 1. Keeping within the limits of unwritten and often unspoken etiquette kept among bros. 2. a cousin of the term kosher, but not in a sacrilegious way, rather a totally chill way. 3. ex: True friends know it is not brosher under any circumstances to date a fellow bro's ex-girl.

I coined a new word today (as far as I can tell by searching Google no one else has used it.) What the crap did you do today?

How to keep it brosher: wine, flip flops, and khaki shorts combos.

These guys are putting on a clinic on keeping brosher. I didn't even point out they were next to a large body of water.

With this post I declare The Nonpopulist back in regular posting mode. Actually I plan to turn it up to "beast mode" by posting more than one time a day. We'll see how that goes, though. As NFL season heats up I plan too post a whole lot more over at The Gally Blog including a weekly NFL betting post and a division by division season preview.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meme Central: Crazy Cursing Black Preacher + Animated .Gif

The crazy cursing black preacher has been internet gold since 2006 when the videos first appeared online. This guy, Don Vincent aka Reverend X, has the sort of swagger only someone with bipolar disorder can have. I need to learn the lesson that other bloggers have been trying to teach me that it is alright to post old stuff since not everyone has seen everything already like I may have. And sometimes I discover old things that are new to me. It is rare that something over a few weeks old in internet age will be new to me, though. In the words of my wife when I forced her to admit it while pulling her hair, "I win the internet." In other words it is always new to someone. But nothing is new under the sun.
Back to the crazy preacher. Watch this video.

Where does one start with a video such as this? The hair? The ponytail is a solid length, but it looks as if he occasionally shaves his head directly above the ear and over the top. Why does he choose that spot? I would say because he is cross-eyed and must shave by feel instead of sight. Then again I can't keep my beard shaved straight at my neck so I probably shouldn't be throwing stones from my glass house. I will throw stones at the mock turtleneck, though. That is weak. The music he chooses to play is usually rap which is nice even though it drowns out the most assuredly hilarious comments people are making when they called into his show. O wait, then there is the whole thing of him being the cursingest preacher ever. Church would be a lot more interesting if preachers all carried themselves like this guy. In his mind he is on a mission, and no one can deter him from it. If he doesn't like what you have to say he will cut you off as evidenced by when he told his producer to "cut that bitch off!" Wikipedia has more of the story behind Reverend X as well as the always wonderful Encyclopedia Dramatica. And that stuff I wrote at the beginning about new vs. old stuff was in response to Daniel Tosh featuring Reverend X in his "web redemption" segment tonight on Tosh.0. I'm sure it will be great since almost everything Tosh does is funny. I was only regretting that I had not posted this yet since I have known about it so long. I swear an oath to you, internet, that I will slowly post all the memes I come across regardless of whether or not I think everyone has seen it already. Hey, there's people that were just born today. And now for the animated .gif I promised courtesy of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meme Central: Meme Mashup Video... Many Greats

This video squishes together some recent notable memes and sets them to a funky track. The soundtrack includes samples from Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" and a Kid Cudi song (whoever the crap that is.)
Some of the memes included are David after Dentist (Do you capitalize memes? I have no idea. I'm just going to do it since the MLA handbook has nothing about it. I feel at this point I can deduce the spirit of MLA to the be able to make these decisions.), the Worst Wedding DJ Ever, the Best Cry Ever (Auto-Tuned Remix- from that intervention episode), The Sneezing Baby Panda, and the Happiest DJ in the World

It's amazing really. The speed at which memes were created was shocking not more than a few months ago. Now the rate at which memes are condensed into mashups and autotune remixes moves at a blistering pace. This is what the internet is for, people. We are merely bystanders.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy Fight Video of the Day: Bawston Style

Don'ts trys to staht nothin' with us Bawston Boyz!
picture via FilmDrunk 

Prepare yourself to view a 7 on 1 fight where the 1 has a surprise bat. The video is shaky and at times pointed away from the action but still totally worth it. As you might imagine, the comments below this video are funny as well. Everyone's a tough guy with a bat or until a bat comes out. It tends to tip the scales that way.

Friday, August 6, 2010

K-Swiss Grows Some Advertising Balls and Decides to Win with Kenny Powers

Coming from a person who hates commercials I must admit, I love this commercial. You have to give credit to a major company like K-Swiss for laying their nuts out on the table to make a commercial as great as this for their new shoes called "Tubes." The shoes actually look cool. I plan on trying on a pair next time I am shoe shopping, and in this video Danny McBride's character is selling them hard. For backup Kenny has brought his trusty sidekick and assistant Stevie Janowski played by Steve Little to perfection. Honestly, this video is so full of win you just have to watch it yourself with minimal commentary from me.

I am so wet for this next season of Eastbound & Down that I am nearing the point of purchasing HBO. Hard Knocks with the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan is another show lubing me up to let HBO insert itself inside me. The people behind Kenny Powers and Eastbound & Down certainly left us wanting more after making an inaugural season of only six episodes. I can only re-watch my DVDs of season 1 so many times before I have to see new moments of a$$holery from Kenny Powers. If this commercial is any indication the new season will probably be more of the glorious same, except in Mexico where season 2 is at least partially set. We'll find out when Eastbound & Down returns to HBO on September 26th.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meme Central: You Can Dance Like No One Is Watching, But Make Sure People Are Watching

From one of my favorite classic movies, Beat Street
What's this? A new feature? Yes, internet weirdo, this is a new feature I am calling "Meme Central." I am semi-unretired from blogging for the time being (in between contracts) and thought since most of my posts revolve around various memes I should give these sorts of posts a name for recognition purposes. That is the origin story for MEME CENTRAL. No graphic novel prequel required.
The Internet Meme Central has been humming along lately with many wonderful new offerings. This video with meme potential comes to us from Youtube user tehl337n3ss. What a surprisingly internet self aware username to choose, bro.

Dancing, with all of the hard times in the world today it is nice to be able to take some time for a lively dance. As the dancer in this video soon finds out, choosing the right location for getting footloose is important. Some people go to clubs, others to studios with mirrors on all the walls. The most important component of the dance, however, is the inspiration. The dancer in this video was obviously inspired by the classic song "Dancing in the Street" which I'm fairly certain is the song you hear playing in the background and the location in which he chose to dance. I had a dance studio in a house I lived in a few years ago. And by dance studio I mean a room with a tile floor for which we were too poor to buy furniture. I did dance in there from time to time, though.

First impression: Cameraman, we're getting off to a bad start. Not only are you spinning me around making me dizzy, but you are forcing me to look at a gap in your teeth that makes Michael Strahan feel bad for you. Some people are supposed to be in front of the camera, and some people are supposed to work behind the scenes. You are one of those two kinds of people. What is being lost on others I have seen commenting on this video is this guy is not a good dancer, not good at all. What's with the arms folded thing, man? Is that like fighting with one arm tied behind your back? You believe you are such a good dancer that you don't require the use of your arms? I'm sorry. I just don't see it, man. I think you need the arms back in your repertoire. Also, I get the ice cream truck coming in hot because he sees a larger gentleman and therefore a potential sale, but the driver should really have more focus. The ice cream man industry is in such a bad decline that I have heard some ice cream men have resorted to selling drugs out of their ice cream trucks to be able to support their families. Don't believe me? Check the Ice Cream Sellers Index printed in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition.

Alternate headlines for this post if this were The ALT Report- Blipster Bro Decides to Dance Like No One's Watching at the Wrong Time, When Someone Was Not Watching

Monday, August 2, 2010

They Would Be "Rapin' Errbody Out Here" If It Weren't for Hero Antoine Dodson

Actually writing a post feels so foreign to me now that I have let this blog go without updates for so long, but hey, I like foreign women, so I will try to get back into my groove. Yeh, I know, boo-freakin-hoo, I actually have a job right now. Shutup.
Rape is never a funny topic except for when it happens to someone else which... is 100% of the time for me in my life so far *fingers crossed.* Luckily the woman in this video had someone to help her fend off an attempted rape however light in the loafers he may be. I would not dare make too much fun of Antoine Dodson, though, since he fought off his sister's attacker and still has enough wits about him to defiantly tell the "homeboy" who tried to rape his sister that he is stupid and they are looking for him. I, for one, hope Mr. Dodson finds his man and that someone has a camera to capture that moment. Check the video below for lulz.

As if that weren't enough the guys over at Autotune the News got a hold of the video and put their personal touch on the video to give that extra finger in your butt hole level of excitement.

I normally abhor autotune, but these Autotune the News guys have obvious talent and have been making quality videos for a few months now. They get a pass.