Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Double-Rainbow Guy: This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things, Internet

Every blog on planet earth has linked to or embedded this video of a guy having an elated reaction to seeing a double rainbow. It kind of makes me sad. Watch it below if you're one of the last dozen people in America who haven't seen it or you're from Ethiopia or something. 

My question is why is everyone destroying this guy (and alleging he's on drugs?) I get the novelty of the video, and his reaction is over the top, but it bothers me this dude is getting roasted for having an honest reaction to something. This guy is crying and asking what it means in an real and emotionally vulnerable moment and we, the internet, point and laugh. How messed up is that? This isn't Lindsay Lohan, the cast of Entourage, a BP executive, or anyone else who should have their life failures meticulously raked over the coals. This is just some guy who had a beautiful experience with nature and shared it with a bunch of dickbags like us. The man, Paul Vazquez, is taking it stride. Here's a pretty chill interview he did with CNN for which embedding has been disabled. Mr. Vazquez may also get some money out of the video thanks to some guys who did an autotune song/remix using his audio. Good for him although anyone who uses autotune has a nice selection of one foot spiky as$ dildos reserved for them in hell except for the autotune the news guys. They're hilarious!

Ok, this was funny. Here is the audio of the double rainbow video mashed up with the Kermit the Frog song "Rainbow Connection" called "The Double Rainbow Connection." Great job, internet.

The Double Rainbow Connection (Remix) by gdelahaye

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