Monday, October 12, 2009

Death by Religious Stubbornness

The parents of an 11 year-old girl who died from a treatable form of diabetes were each convicted earlier this year for second-degree reckless homicide. The parents' religious beliefs led them to pray instead of seeking medical help for their daughter, Madeline. When the girl stopped breathing, someone (not specified) called 911. By that point, of course, the parents' decision had sealed the girl's fate. The parents religion was Christianity, specifically Pentecostal, or Charismatic as it is called in Christian circles. Christians follow the Bible. There are many miracles outlined in the Bible. People also die in the Bible from old age, disease, or any of the other reasons people die today. 

Luke, who is believed to have written 2 books in the Bible, was called a physician, although there is some question as to the translation from Greek as to whether or not he was a doctor as we think of doctors today.What is troubling me most about this story is most Christians go to the doctor normally, even when there aren't medical emergencies. Do these parents think going to the doctor would be a sin? Or are they just trying to hold themselves to a higher standard? The prosecuting attorney said the couple got caught up in the belief that God was trying to test them. The story above details the couples punishment, including mandatory health checks on their other children. I think the punishment was probably too light. Some parents get their children away for hitting them. These idiots let their kid die because of stubbornness.

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