Friday, October 2, 2009

When the Internet's Down...

My internet has been out since Tuesday. I was reconnected to my lifeline (aka the internet) Wednesday, but I decided to not to dive full force back in to viewing all the pictures of cats in costumes the world wide web has to offer.
The forced withdrawal from the internet got me thinking. I live on this joker. I always have something to do on the internet. They vary in importance (read usually not that important, like this blog no one reads,) and they take up a lot of time.
I defy most people under 30 to tell me the internet is not like air to them. We have Blackberries, but we still need to get to the computer also.
This All got me thinking about taking a break from the internet entirely. I've done it with television before twice in my life, once forced as a child because our television broke and we were to repair to replace for about a year and again in the year 2006 for around nine months. I'm thinking about it. I did not say I was doing it. Non-committal this!

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