Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wasn't It Made Clear That Americans Do Not Want HR 3200 Passed?

My least favorite quote from this story [AP via] about the health care reform bill (HR3200) passing the Senate Finance Committee is, "When history calls, history calls." That out of touch quote was uttered by Maine Republican Olympia Snowe. That makes no sense. You are not penning the Declaration of Independence. What has just left your committee and is now headed to an eventual floor vote is another modicum push in a long trail of pork-barrel politics and seizing of any and all control the federal government can get over the populace of America. You need to pump the brakes because never in my memory do I remember such vehement opposition to a particular piece of legislation. That does not mean people want it. That means they do not want it. I knew people in Congress were not all the mental equivalents of Einstein, but I think people with an extra chromosome can determine the majority of Americans do not want HR 3200 passed. If this bill does get passed, it then becomes the mission of every voting American to not only vote, but to campaign against each Congressman and Senator that votes in favor of this version of the healthcare reform bill. It's personal to me, bitches. Oh, and we need term limits for both houses of Congress.

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