Monday, November 30, 2009

Nonpopulist TV Update: Violence and Saget

TV and Nonpopulism would seem at first glance to be mutually exclusive, but I would contend that your viewing habits are what would dictate a Nonpopulist television viewer from the rest. My working definition of Nonpopulism is not hating everything that is popular, but rather not liking anything just because everyone else does. Some things that are good are actually very popular. How much sense would it make to ignore such a thing? None.
Here are the TV programs on my radar right now.
1. I only have two WWII in HD episodes left. The series has been great. The new footage was amazing and the stories of the people they chose to focus on have been breathtaking. I really enjoy learning more about history (how is that for Nonpopulist?) and teaching history. I watched a few episodes with someone (who will remain nameless) who queried as the first one was starting, "World War II was the Hitler one, right?" *hangs head in disbelief*
2. Sons of Anarchy: This show is so bad ass. This season was good in the first season, but has taken off in awesomeness in season two. The season finale is tomorrow on FX. Watch it.
3. Bob Saget is doing a reality/documentary show for A&E about subcultures in America. I have to say this is one of the best ideas for a show I have heard in a while. Some of the possible episodes are "Bob rushes a fraternity on a college campus," "Bob travels the road on the back of a Harley with a biker gang," "Bob preps for the end of civilization with a survivalist group," "Bob submerges himself in the world of mail order brides," and let's not forget "Bob with partying Amish teenagers as they decide which life to lead."

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  1. WWII in HD was awesome, except when I couldn't watch it in on me.