Friday, November 20, 2009

Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day/Week

Miller High Life, the Nonpopulist's beer of choice

The top thirty TV Series of the 2000's as listed by the A.V. Club. Lists are hard to make, and I guess they are sort of easy to make at that same time. I like this list better than the one that follows. The Shield and The Wire are in the top ten which is correct. Breaking Bad should be lower. One thing I notice is the number of HBO shows in the list which is correct, including two of my personal favorites Eastbound and Down and Flight of the Conchords. Good list overall. [The AV Club]

A list of the best music of the 2000's. I like about 7 of the 50 on the list. [The AV Club]

Quailty wins out? Really, Zucker? On NBC? Here's the list of things I watch on your network: 1. The Tonight Show with CONAN O'BRIEN (get bent Leno) 2. Sunday Night Football and Football Night in America 3. The four SCRIPTED comedies on Thursday night. [The Live Feed]

The push by Ron Paul and many others in Congress still has legs. It is at least moving past this one committee. Notice to the Federal Reserve: Begin shredding all documents now. Do not procrastinate.[MSNBC]

Oprah is going off the air in 2011. What am I, a middle-aged white woman? Why do I care? I haven't watched Oprah since I turned on the TV after school one day and that was the channel it happen to be on. In my opinion she is a transcendental nincompoop. [The Live Feed]
More after the break, bitches.
Twitter entries satirize works of literature. This is a little old, but it caught my eye. The idea is good on paper, but a little hokey. [Reuters]

The title says it all. Change We Can... Hide in a Defense Bill? [Campaign for Liberty]

Senate Panel Hears Climate Bill Concerns. I have a concern. I do not want every portion of my life regulated by a tyrannous government. [Reuters]

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