Monday, November 23, 2009

Politicians Forgetting How Politics Works

If the above video is not a wake up call, I do not know what is.
Well, the 2010 Congressional races are two-thirds of the way done. If the Senate passes the health care reform bill [CNN]and sends it to President Obama to sign into law I will call the race in favor of every challenger facing an incumbent who voted for HR 3200 and the Senate equivalent. These politicians are amateurs at their profession. Forcing this bill down America's throat even though you have seen the greatest grass roots opposition since the American Revolution in 1776 or maybe the Vietnam war is committing career suicide. Attention Democrats who have been assured jobs in the Obama white house or DNC. There are not that many jobs to go around. And after you guys all lose your upcoming elections the volume of work the DNC does will go down significantly. You guys will be lucky to get a job at McDonald's. Actually, I hear Walmart is now accepting only undesirables as associates. You can put me down as a reference as to you being undesirable. I hope everyone who votes in favor of the health care reform bill passing has that vote cling to their feet like cement shoes for the rest of their lives.
Now, for the first order of business in the 2010 Congress, immediate repeal of HR 3200...

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