Monday, November 16, 2009

Terrell Owens' Future

I was thinking about Terrell Owens, or T.O. to you, the other day. I was thinking about his numbers He currently has 14,488 yards receiving for his career which is currently 3rd, but he will probably end up 2nd on the all-time list. He has 129 career receiving touchdowns which is good for 3rd all time, but with 2 more touchdowns he will surpass Cris Carter for 2nd.  He caught the historic "Catch II" against the Packers in the playoffs and had an incredibly gutsy performance in the Eagles Super Bowl against the Patriots on a hobbled leg.  The man has had a big impact on the game. After he retires his name will come up for Hall of Fame voting. I think he should get in, and he probably will. What perplexes me is what hat he will choose to wear or which team he will pick to enter the hall of fame under. He's been a superstar journeyman, alienating and burning bridges as he has traveled his NFL road. I am a T.O. fan. His personality and soundbites provide me endless entertainment even though the popular opinion has been loathing of Owens ever since he left the way he did in Philadelphia.
How can you not enjoy Owens as a player? Follow the link below to see some entertainment.

If/when T.O. gets in the Pro Football Hall of Fame I will have my popcorn ready.

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