Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meme Central: Crazy Cursing Black Preacher + Animated .Gif

The crazy cursing black preacher has been internet gold since 2006 when the videos first appeared online. This guy, Don Vincent aka Reverend X, has the sort of swagger only someone with bipolar disorder can have. I need to learn the lesson that other bloggers have been trying to teach me that it is alright to post old stuff since not everyone has seen everything already like I may have. And sometimes I discover old things that are new to me. It is rare that something over a few weeks old in internet age will be new to me, though. In the words of my wife when I forced her to admit it while pulling her hair, "I win the internet." In other words it is always new to someone. But nothing is new under the sun.
Back to the crazy preacher. Watch this video.

Where does one start with a video such as this? The hair? The ponytail is a solid length, but it looks as if he occasionally shaves his head directly above the ear and over the top. Why does he choose that spot? I would say because he is cross-eyed and must shave by feel instead of sight. Then again I can't keep my beard shaved straight at my neck so I probably shouldn't be throwing stones from my glass house. I will throw stones at the mock turtleneck, though. That is weak. The music he chooses to play is usually rap which is nice even though it drowns out the most assuredly hilarious comments people are making when they called into his show. O wait, then there is the whole thing of him being the cursingest preacher ever. Church would be a lot more interesting if preachers all carried themselves like this guy. In his mind he is on a mission, and no one can deter him from it. If he doesn't like what you have to say he will cut you off as evidenced by when he told his producer to "cut that bitch off!" Wikipedia has more of the story behind Reverend X as well as the always wonderful Encyclopedia Dramatica. And that stuff I wrote at the beginning about new vs. old stuff was in response to Daniel Tosh featuring Reverend X in his "web redemption" segment tonight on Tosh.0. I'm sure it will be great since almost everything Tosh does is funny. I was only regretting that I had not posted this yet since I have known about it so long. I swear an oath to you, internet, that I will slowly post all the memes I come across regardless of whether or not I think everyone has seen it already. Hey, there's people that were just born today. And now for the animated .gif I promised courtesy of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

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