Friday, August 6, 2010

K-Swiss Grows Some Advertising Balls and Decides to Win with Kenny Powers

Coming from a person who hates commercials I must admit, I love this commercial. You have to give credit to a major company like K-Swiss for laying their nuts out on the table to make a commercial as great as this for their new shoes called "Tubes." The shoes actually look cool. I plan on trying on a pair next time I am shoe shopping, and in this video Danny McBride's character is selling them hard. For backup Kenny has brought his trusty sidekick and assistant Stevie Janowski played by Steve Little to perfection. Honestly, this video is so full of win you just have to watch it yourself with minimal commentary from me.

I am so wet for this next season of Eastbound & Down that I am nearing the point of purchasing HBO. Hard Knocks with the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan is another show lubing me up to let HBO insert itself inside me. The people behind Kenny Powers and Eastbound & Down certainly left us wanting more after making an inaugural season of only six episodes. I can only re-watch my DVDs of season 1 so many times before I have to see new moments of a$$holery from Kenny Powers. If this commercial is any indication the new season will probably be more of the glorious same, except in Mexico where season 2 is at least partially set. We'll find out when Eastbound & Down returns to HBO on September 26th.

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