Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meme Central: You Can Dance Like No One Is Watching, But Make Sure People Are Watching

From one of my favorite classic movies, Beat Street
What's this? A new feature? Yes, internet weirdo, this is a new feature I am calling "Meme Central." I am semi-unretired from blogging for the time being (in between contracts) and thought since most of my posts revolve around various memes I should give these sorts of posts a name for recognition purposes. That is the origin story for MEME CENTRAL. No graphic novel prequel required.
The Internet Meme Central has been humming along lately with many wonderful new offerings. This video with meme potential comes to us from Youtube user tehl337n3ss. What a surprisingly internet self aware username to choose, bro.

Dancing, with all of the hard times in the world today it is nice to be able to take some time for a lively dance. As the dancer in this video soon finds out, choosing the right location for getting footloose is important. Some people go to clubs, others to studios with mirrors on all the walls. The most important component of the dance, however, is the inspiration. The dancer in this video was obviously inspired by the classic song "Dancing in the Street" which I'm fairly certain is the song you hear playing in the background and the location in which he chose to dance. I had a dance studio in a house I lived in a few years ago. And by dance studio I mean a room with a tile floor for which we were too poor to buy furniture. I did dance in there from time to time, though.

First impression: Cameraman, we're getting off to a bad start. Not only are you spinning me around making me dizzy, but you are forcing me to look at a gap in your teeth that makes Michael Strahan feel bad for you. Some people are supposed to be in front of the camera, and some people are supposed to work behind the scenes. You are one of those two kinds of people. What is being lost on others I have seen commenting on this video is this guy is not a good dancer, not good at all. What's with the arms folded thing, man? Is that like fighting with one arm tied behind your back? You believe you are such a good dancer that you don't require the use of your arms? I'm sorry. I just don't see it, man. I think you need the arms back in your repertoire. Also, I get the ice cream truck coming in hot because he sees a larger gentleman and therefore a potential sale, but the driver should really have more focus. The ice cream man industry is in such a bad decline that I have heard some ice cream men have resorted to selling drugs out of their ice cream trucks to be able to support their families. Don't believe me? Check the Ice Cream Sellers Index printed in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition.

Alternate headlines for this post if this were The ALT Report- Blipster Bro Decides to Dance Like No One's Watching at the Wrong Time, When Someone Was Not Watching

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