Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meme Central: Meme Mashup Video... Many Greats

This video squishes together some recent notable memes and sets them to a funky track. The soundtrack includes samples from Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" and a Kid Cudi song (whoever the crap that is.)
Some of the memes included are David after Dentist (Do you capitalize memes? I have no idea. I'm just going to do it since the MLA handbook has nothing about it. I feel at this point I can deduce the spirit of MLA to the be able to make these decisions.), the Worst Wedding DJ Ever, the Best Cry Ever (Auto-Tuned Remix- from that intervention episode), The Sneezing Baby Panda, and the Happiest DJ in the World

It's amazing really. The speed at which memes were created was shocking not more than a few months ago. Now the rate at which memes are condensed into mashups and autotune remixes moves at a blistering pace. This is what the internet is for, people. We are merely bystanders.

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