Monday, September 28, 2009

Bordering on Mental Retardation

The czars President Obama has appointed looks like a cast of characters meant to alienate a specific segment of the American people besides a few Americans that believe Communism worked in the past and will work for America's future. This story from details the latest guy that is chapping my ass is Cass Sunstein. The specific group of the mainstream American populace he would like to offend is hunters. In his own words he believes we should, "regulate hunting out of existence." O wait, he also thinks animals should be able to sue humans in court. What kind of confused influences and series of experiences in this person's life led him to actually believe something like that? It is confounding that someone this unintelligent walks and breathes on the same planet as you and I do. And more confounding is that he is considered for any sort of leadership role in any context. Someone needs to pick Cass up and shake him.

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