Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glenn Beck Is a Tool

Glenn Beck calling Obama a racist in a recent television appearance has led to a parade of sponsors dropping their endorsement of his Fox News Channel program. I've tried to watch his show a few times at the behest of friends and have been completely unimpressed. The guy's a tool. I don't care about his politics because of how much of a smug bastard he is. He is like Rachel Maddow, but male. They are both close to unbearable in their deliveries and personas. In this article from the Associated Press, the author details how a political activist group has contacted the various companies who have had their ads run during the Glenn Beck program either by choice or by chance and have gotten many sponsors to contact Fox News to get their ads off of Beck's program. Translation: Let's all go through the motions until he apologizes. Don't get it twisted. Glenn Beck opened his mouth and stupid came out, but the "fallout" is what is funny to me. These people still don't realize we don't watch commercials anymore. DVR is the most important invention since the internet, and if I had a problem with something someone said on TV (keeping in mind that I am unoffendable because I don't feel weak emotions such as offense) I wouldn't watch the commercials and boycott everyone who advertises on the program. What if they are places I like? I'm not choosing personal beliefs over Buffalo Wild Wings or Walmart. Get real. Calling anyone a racist is just opening a can of worms that doesn't help anyone. I don't mind someone being inflammatory, but I prefer if it has a base in reality that can be proven empirically.

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