Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick: A Victim of the Times *UPDATE*

To me, Michael Vick has become a tragic figure. I mean, he never really was a good pocket passer. His teams did, however, win when he was playing quarterback. Now that he has been released from custody everyone is watching intently to see which team will take a chance and bear the brunt of animal lover rage in front of their stadiums and practice facilities. Teams must be asking themselves if signing Vick is worth considering he won't be in football playing shape for some time and weighing it against the grief they will surely endure.
Let me rewind a little. Vick had a heavy sentence for killing dogs and conspiracy and illegal gambling. I'm glad he was punished. America sure as hell loves its dogs, but the discrepancy in levels of justice cannot be denied. There's federal justice and local justice. Vick got federal justice. His case was federal. Two other examples of football players in trouble with the law, Donte Stallworth and Adam Jones got local justice. None of their cases was federal so Stallworth, who killed someone while driving drunk, only got twenty-four days in jail, two years, of house arrest, and eight years of probation. A person's life weighted less than some dogs. That's a discrepancy in justice. Dogs are cool. I like dogs and would never do something like that to a dog, but humans are more important than dogs. Don't ever let a federal case get on you is the moral of this story. And America loves its dogs.

The Eagles have signed Vick to a one-year deal with a team option for a second year. America loves its second chances.

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  1. do you think it would be illegal to set up some sort of racoon fighting league? I'd like to rustle me up some coons and get 'em to fight each other.