Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work of 'Journalism' States 2/3 of Americans Will Get Swine Flu Vaccination

I have held the contention for many years that polls conducted by the media or any group that chooses a micro percentage of a population and from those results extrapolates a macro projection are not scientific. My theory holds for political polls as well as any other such as this one being conducted attempting to learn how many Americans will get a vaccination for swine flu if/when it becomes available. 60% is a high number in my opinion. Every year I hear about how the regular flu vaccine that gets circulated ends up being the wrong strain. What freaking good does that do? I had my first and last flu shot when I was in high school. After the shot made my arm sore for a month during basketball season, and after I still got sick anyway I realized how pointless it was. I also don't put it past the government to be involved in some how influencing or suggesting what they would like the results to be so that people will see a large number of other Americans are getting the vaccine so they might as well also. Influencing mob mentality is an art and a science, yet it seems so easy to execute on the American people. Excuse me for having tin foil on my head, but you all can have your damn flu shots. I'll get ready in other ways for a pandemic- buying more ammo and trying to be as self-sufficient as possible.

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