Friday, August 21, 2009

Speak on It

Check out the guy in this video.
You have to watch the whole video. I know it's long.
Now reaction: So many emotions. That is Pastor James David Manning, PHD of ATLAH Worldwide Ministries.
Yeh, I'm white. BFD. I think that I speak for all of the mad white people he is referring to when I say you are welcome with open arms, my brother. The situation this man is so passionate about is not a white or black thing, though. His diatribe proves it. Black, white, hispanic, asian, all Americans are tired of how this country's leaders are being poor stewards of what we have entrusted to them by electing them. We all do need to rise up and take this country back (whatever that means.) With that said, he uses some terms in the video which I don't really feel I have a place in repeating, but are funny as crap. He also asserts that Obama is not a citizen and the high-level people in Washington all know it. I can't make that claim because I don't have any proof, but he sure does assert it and emphatically. Wow, I'm watching the video as I am typing this and he is now saying Obama had a gay love affair. Wow, this guy has got balls. His church is in New York. **Note to self: Places to visit if I ever go to New York.**
Ain't no riot like a white person riot because a white person riot don't quit. I borrowed that from a song.

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