Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ron Paul's Nuts Are This Big

My first introduction to Ron Paul was by some hippies who gave me a bag of tea and had "Legalize Hemp" on t-shirts as I was trying to walk into a football game. I'm not usually on the side of hippies on any matters, so I just took their bag of tea and did not give it a second thought. Later, I found out about Congressman Paul and his views on the Fed, civil liberties, and yes, hemp. Hemp is not weed. America was built on hemp. Look it up somewhere and tell me I'm right. I barely get tired of being right.
Anyway, Ron Paul is an American bad ass and the only current nominee for Nonpopulist of the year because he's a politician who's actually trying to make government transparency happen and be a politician for the people. That is such an anomaly, he should be considered for Time's person of the year. He has sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives for Congress to be able to audit the books of the Fed. The balls on this guy! He has over 200 co-sponsors on the bill now. The only thing keeping it from coming to a vote is House leadership stall tactics (Pelosi and her office get to decide what when things get voted on the floor.) He is no longer a hippie candidate joke. He is attempting to take away some of the secrecy of the power structure that runs the U.S., and the thought of actually knowing what's on the federal reserve's books just hit me scared. Anyway, I got the story from the this website and this video from MSNBC.


  1. do you mean tea like Jack Kerouac tea?

  2. No, actual tea, although I'm sure they enjoy the other tea also. They're freakin hippies.