Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey White House, Flag This-a-Here!

Hey White House, flag my genital warts-ridden dick by inserting it into your mouth! This story from has got me agitated. Read the damn story and then continue. First off, who is the White House? Is it an adviser, an appointed staff member, or the top man himself that want to know who the dissenters are? I dissent, and you can suckle on my left nut. Public redress of grievances with my cock in your ass, bitch. Once upon a time in America there were Salem witch trials. Another time it was red fever where McCarthy had a miniscule hard-on for Communists hiding in America. You may say to yourself, "Wow, overreact much?" What I say to that is Slow Them at the Roll. Don't let bullshit get started. As if they expect us to just start tattling on anyone that has anything negative to say about the new healthcare bill. At least that's where it starts. After that, who knows?
And as Delonte West has so eloquently put it, "Snitches get stiches."

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