Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Modern-Day Nonpopulism at Its Finest

Alex Jones is cut from a different cloth. He is passionate about his opinions, and I like that. Here's a taste:

I have watched several of his documentaries and some of the YouTube videos from his radio program, and at the very least he is a compelling individual. He definitely follows his own ideals, has his own opinions, and is not owned by anyone. He is, in many ways, what a nonpopulist should stand for. Some of his ideas and theories are hard to swallow and need scrutiny, but I end up agreeing with a good portion of what he says. No one is perfect, after all. There is a movie that was done by IFC called "New World Order" that has already aired, apparently (I only recently got IFC) and is coming out on DVD in October 2009. I will pick it up for sure. Here's another video. This man is in his element with a bullhorn and an audience.

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