Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day

A few cool links I have found or been sent recently. If you find something cool and would like to share it email

This guy is so bad he kicks his own ass twice a day, and it's not the hamburger pimp- Crazy video.

A scary legal precedent has now been set for all bloggers. Skank vs. that guy. (The Times Online)

Cool lightning pictures from Clearwater, FL. I use to live near Clearwater and go to the beach there sometimes. Living about an hour away the sheer volume of lightning (multiple strikes every day) solidifies it as the lightning capital of the world.

Oliver Stone is doing something. I bet it will be liberally slanted with a tip-of-the-hat consideration to the right wing.

Explain to me how good TV still gets on the air. Only through the magic of premium cable. Here's a preview of the third season of Californication. I enjoy this show.

The top 100 tracks of the 2000's. There's a top 500 list, but who has time? Of this top 100 I like
about 10.

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