Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where's the Love for Conan

The word is that Conan O'Brien has been struggling in the ratings ever since his debut week as the new host of the Tonight Show. Television experts say Letterman has been trouncing Conan in the ratings. They even came out retracting the statement they made after his first week saying "Conan is King." Well, I say what did you expect NBC? Conan is offbeat. He has, however, shaped my comedic sensibilities since I have been watching and laughing since I was in high school (around year5 for Conan, I think.) Conan is the only late-night talk show host that has ever made me laugh. Letterman is self-righteous, mean, and not funny. I never got a chance to see Johnny Carson since I was too young so that will include anyone older than him as well. That guy who used to have the close-up on his face all of the time after Letterman was not entertaining enough to be on PBS. The new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is painful to watch. The only time his show has laughs is when funny people come on the show and even then they have to overcome Fallon's unfunniness in order to get to funny homeostasis so they can go on to be funny from there. And Leno. I save Leno for last because never has there been a less entertaining late night show to watch. Leno is like watching paint dry hoping that it will get a laugh. Conan is the voice for a younger generation, and I will watch him and him only. Everyone else can suck a fart out of my ass.
I submit for your consideration...

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