Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All Hail the Mighty Google

I am annoyed.
I was recently listening to an NPR report on how "out of style" Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are these days. This person whose name I wish I remembered so that I could request a meeting with him at the flag pole during recess, went on to say that any serious, business minded person who may be seeking employment from a serious, business minded employer ought to switch to the far superior Gmail. I believe he even said something to the effect of "Hotmail? Have you even heard of the internet?" I would like to remind this person, whoever you are, that you are first: an idiot who watches too much E, TMZ, The Hills, and those Housewives shows (that may be conjecture, but if he is foolish enough to say something like that, I'm confident he said it while his DVR had one of those shows/channels on pause), and secondly you are part of the problem. Why must we worry about what comes after the @? Society already judges us by how much our outfit costs, whether or not our chicken is organic, and, among many of the other superficial elements that make up ME, how much I love football.
I say no! I say no to you who would ask me to change my email provider in order to stay up with the latest trends. With a resounding YAWP I say NO!
So for those of you who may want to reach me, you can still find me at my hotmail account. I'll be waiting.

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  1. Just like Nixx, I also still use a hotmail address for my personal email. I have been rocking it since 2002. It is also too long, and I have to spell it out for anyone to which I give it.