Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nonpopulist Movies: Bad Lieutenant

Sexing this blog up a little...
I saw the original Bad Lieutenant for the first time the other week. I know there is a new one out with Nicholas Cage, and I will probably wait the same number of years from the release date to watch that one; even though Eva Mendes is a comely young lass. *Pauses to flip internet calendar to 2026 to make a note* Harvey Keitel is a great actor. I have enjoyed his performances in movies of his from Reservoir Dogs to even the National Treasure movies. I must say he is an all-time great. With that being said, I did not like this movie. I liked parts of it, but not most of it. I do not think it was Keitel's fault, though. I thought his performance was great. The plot, however, and the writing reduce this movie to mediocre. And Keitel's penis. That was a mediocre penis. It brought the picture down. The ending of the movie where he sends the kids that did it off on the bus was weak writing. Keitel's character would have smoked crack with them and then killed them. That is how I would have written it, at least. But, then again, we see what kind of writing I do (i.e. this blog.) Bad Lieutenant is a movie that is often mentioned as being an all-time classic, and while it was good, I think it could have been better.


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