Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weak Dollar Is More Serious Than Some Realize

The U.S. Dollar weakening is one of those stories that you hear on a newscast or read on the internet and are immediately bored to tears. I personally enjoy keeping up with the U.S. stock market and other financial markets, but I was saying that for most people. Ok, I am calling you stupid. I kid. I kid. You are great. A "one-world government," "one-world currency," and "new world order" are all terms that have been thrown about for some time, mostly to desensitize us to them and give politicians a chance to call people in opposition to those ideals paranoid and not progressive. Let me keep setting this shit up before I get to the weak dollar. Stay with me. It is worth it.
As I have grown older, I see the world both more cynically and more clearly. Most hot button issues cycled by the news and politicians are rehashed again and again for a reason. They are usually a pretext for something else. Stories of gun violence are used to call for more restrictive gun control laws. Outcry over the environment and climate change on the brink of bringing destruction are going to be used to tax us to poverty. Remember what Public Enemy told us, "Don't Believe the Hype." Weak Dollar talk is a pretext to move us to a one-world currency. This story details it. The powers at be are not trying to hide it from us anymore. We are now in what I like to call "feeding us the rationale" portion of the process of moving to a one-world currency.

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