Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad American Because She Likes Other Countries?

Patriotism is an idea that has been, at the very least, muddled over time. No one wants to seem unpatriotic so there is a bit of one-upping that takes place in our quest to let others know we are patriotic. One may start with the idea that I like America because of freedom of religion and say it calmly with a sigh at the end. Then someone overhears that and says, "Yeh, America kicked ass in the WWII, saved the Brits and the Frenchies." Then the quest to seem patriotic eventually turns to, "Yeh, fuck other countries, let's nuke all of their camel's asses and take a dump on their flag." Adolescent level thinking has led to situations such as this one. The author of that article, whose name is Montana Wildhack (pseudonym much?), is jesting that she is a bad American because she likes other countries. I think she captures a notion with the article that is so true it may make an American who previously thought they never even want to leave the USA give their stance a second thought. Well done, Montana, but I would never trade my right to own an "assault" rifle. In fact I am shopping for a scope for mine in another browser tab. In my experience with people from other countries, that is the freedom they envy Americans for the most.

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