Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods- Quit Hating

We are some damn gossip whores in this country, are we not? America loves to see a celebrity fall, but just so we can see their miraculous comeback, right? Yes, Tiger Woods is a philanderer. Yes, he had kinky sex while on Ambien. Yes, there was some baby-mama drama outside of his home. So what? Everyone that is currently "outraged" or "appalled" at what Tiger has done is a phony, a player hater. The average American male can not tell me that if they were in the position Woods has been in during his phenomenal golf and endorsement career that they would not sex all of those ladies (save for the Perkin's waitress [The Big Lead.]) If they do, then the average American male is a damn liar, and I am outraged and appalled. We all thought Tiger was a gold robot, but it turns out he is a man just like the rest of us. He just has a lot more options and chances to cheat on his wife than the average person. Chris Rock once said something to effect of " A man is only as faithful to his wife as his options." I agree.
UPDATE: reporting Elin Nordegren-Woods has moved out of the couple's home. By the way, I hate gold and do not think it is really a sport.

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