Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Most irritating people of 2009

A list of the ten most irritating people of 2009 by the Globe and Mail did not look right to me at first, and then I realized it was Canadian. No wonder I did not recognize some of these people. Some of them, unfortunately, I do recognize. Number 1 is the Gosselins from that show I have not seen but by which I am still annoyed. Number 2 is David Letterman. I have thought him unfunny since I began watching late night talk shows. He has basically irritated me since I have been aware of him. Number 5 is Kanye West. As I have said before Kayne West does not care about white people. Most of the rest of the list is full of Canadian references. Note: beware of the rage of Canadians. You know what I am talking aboot? Noticeably absent from the list- people who cried with joy and hope at the election of President Obama. Sorry, I had to do that.

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