Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nonpopulist Year-In-Review: 2009

In looking at this video and page done by Yahoo! on the 2009 year-in-review I found some inspiration to do something similar. Everyone does year-in-reviews. Shut up. It is not stealing. Over the course of the rest of December I will occasionally go over a piece of 2009. My first post ever on this blog was about Michael Jackson so this will also give me a chance to bloviate on the first part of 2009. I have to give credit to Yahoo! This video is cool and the song fit well too (The Bravery? Who the hell is that?) Check it out.

As always, I will be keeping things Nonpopulist with this review. I will begin with politics.
The obvious story this year was President Obama being sworn and being the first black president. Awesome. The Oval Office is a big barrier that has now been broken down. It has done more to heal race relations ease white guilt than almost any moment during my conscious lifetime. I do drink a lot, however. People cried at his inauguration and each step he took along the way. Where I draw the line is the quasi-spiritual emotions people associate with President Obama. He is a politician. A politician. Do not ever put hope in a politician, people. A politician is not the rainbow after a storm. They are the next front in a continual storm. Few in America looked on the Obama hype scene and media masturbation with the disbelief I had. I looked around to see people who I thought were intelligent caught up in a rapture saying to themselves like was said to Calgon in the famous commercial, "Obama, take us away." More people are believing now as I did then. Things in Washington D.C. are business as usual. Today, news broke that the president is weighing creating a commission to propose tax hikes. Do you recall when he promised to not raise taxes for families making less than $250,000 a year. Lest I remind you...

He also said repeatedly that he would go through the federal budget line by line and cut fat. Fat chance. History was made with Obama's ascension to the White House this year, and he has proven that he can screw things up as well as any white president. Bravo, sir.

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