Thursday, December 10, 2009

Irony Alert: Dynamite Choice for the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is already ironic enough. Its inventor, Alfred Nobel, was the inventor of dynamite. I think the folks who chose President Obama for the award were feeling the need for an homage to the founder of the award this year. The headline, Obama Defends US Wars as He Accepts Peace Prize, is like something I would expect Alanis Morisette to sing about along with "a free ride for which she has already paid." I am not even commenting on if either war is just or if the President is being a hypocrite or not. I think we can safely assume that he did not ask for the award, and although he probably should have turned the award down, defending the current American wars is not the best thing to do while accepting the Peace Prize. The above story has some excerpts of his acceptance speech that he wrote himself, and the speech has some good tenets of policy and reads well. The bottom line is being in the precarious position he is in, he addressed the two elephants in the room with as much class as one could imagine.

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