Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9/11: Science and Conspiracy

I have had a morbid fascination with 9/11 since the events of that day in 2001 so I have a compulsion to record anything I see on my dvr relating to it kind of like Mel Gibson had to buy every copy of Catcher in the Rye in that movie. I watched one such recording recently on the National Geographic Channel titled "9/11: Science and Conspiracy." I realize that saying you believe anything other than the verbatim story of the 9/11 Commission Report makes you a fringe member of society who might as well eat paint chips and dress like Lady Gaga because you are effin crazy. I realize that so let me say this; I think the 9/11 commission answered questions, but only the questions that were asked of them or they asked themselves. Is that vague enough to keep any shred of credibility? No? Well, it does not matter because we will never know the whole truth about 9/11 and nothing more of any relevance will be revealed in our lifetimes. There is ample information available on the internet for either side of the argument you want to believe. And really, I think it comes down to what you want to or are able to believe and keep your sanity. And the show on National Geographic did a good job of driving that home. They gave both sides equal time in my opinion and allowed for rebuttal even though Nat Geo obviously could not allow anything resembling the validating of 9/11 conspiracy theories on their channel because they would lose all credibility. Some of the things in the show made me ponder my own views, but the experiments were not really that scientific. You really have to watch it to understand, but there were a lot of leaps and gaps in the various experiments they did to disprove 9/11 conspiracy theories. I try to look at things from both sides, especially something as important as this topic, but something the narrator on the show said revealed their bias and their disregard for being scientific. The narrator said, "The truthers are determined to belive that the official story is wrong." Well what does prove? The non-truthers are determined to believe the official story is right. Saying that does not prove anything. I am rambling now. Sorry, I am distracted. I just saw the commercial for some show on National Geographic called "Taboo: Strange Love" where this guy is pretending he is married to a life-like doll and saying that finding love with an organic woman is just too hard. Now I have seen it all. This is the kind of thing that terrorists see and then want to kill the "great Satan." Toward the end of the show is where the producers made a fatal flaw. They come up with their own conspiracy theory that is easy to disprove and somehow that makes all other conspiracy theories wrong. This really was not worth my time. This was just a silly exercise.

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