Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Stupid Kids Are Stupid and the Future

That makes the future pretty damn stupid. Children in school are mostly stupid. Yes, that was a broad generalization, but you can you disagree with it? I dare you. I have first-hand and second-hand knowledge on the matter. Let me share a little of it with you. I spend time with a group of kids in an informal classroom setting where I am one of the adults that supervises/teaches the group. These are normal kids of various races who do not drool on themselves, but they do have one obvious deficiency. That can not speak. They can not say words clearly. If a teacher's name was Mrs. Johnson they would call her "mi jonsu." They do not know how to say all of the letters. Did these little shits not have phonics in first fucking grade? It frustrates me so because the kids I will have will grow up with little shits probably worse than these influencing them to drop various consonants and pronounce long vowels short and short vowels long in the wrong words. This isn't fahkin Baaaaahstaahn for faaaahhck's sake.
Funny story about Boston: I visited there when I was much younger with my grandmother, mother, and little sister. It was about as much fun as it sounds. We were just a weird southern family in the big city and one night we were getting a pizza and there was some jag-off employee talking loudly on the phone and this is what I hear, "Nancy, are you gonna go to the potty with me tonight or not?" I was young at this time, but I was old enough to realize this was not something that people normally talk about with strangers present so I got my mom's attention and give her a look and a nonchalant nod toward the potty-goer as if to say, "Mom, I know we are in the big city and everything, but why are people talking loudly on the phone about going to the bathroom with other people? Is this one of those times we see on TV when we should be scared in the big city?" My mom reassured me that everything was ok and once we were safe in the car she explained the whole Boston accent thing to me about dropping their "r's" and what not. Thanks to her I was later able to get that Mark Wahlberg joke in The Departed years later. Thanks, mom.
I doubt the girl I heard on the phone looked anywhere near this good. This is probably a paid model.

Back to what triggered me to write this post today, click read more below...

I saw this article on Campaign for Liberty. They really have some good articles on there. The site is hyper-conservative, but keep in mind I also love Alternet so there is your balance. The article by Sheldon Richman is extremely hard to summarize, but let this quote whet your appetite enough to read the whole thing:
"But its falsity did not prevent huge, impersonal schools bureaucracies and dehumanizing schools from being built, mills for which our children are little more than grist. Finally ending the State's monopoly -- which means taking away the money -- will let us bring education back to human scale, with all the respect for individuality that this implies."
My other source of evidence showing that our children are stupid comes from a second-hand source, a friend of mine who is a teacher. They were grading a math test they had given to their students on which one of the questions was "In a variable expression, write out the difference between a number, n and 3." They told me instead of answering "n-3" (that is a minus sign in the middle) many students answered "n is a letter and 3 is a number."
I have a story like that from when I was in school. I was taking a quiz about some crap philosophy article we had to read and the question was, "What is an atheistic utopia?" Now, I knew the answer because I had read the article right before class since I had heard quiz rumors from someone who had that class earlier in the day. I knew the answer from the text of the article, but I was feeling good about the rest of my answers and I thought of a smart-ass joke. I answered, "hell." I thought that was funny, but the reason I remember that narrative so well is because my teacher, Mrs. Cundiff (we called her Mrs. Cunt-sniff behind her back) called me back to her desk to show me she had read my answer and just stared at me for what seemed like a minute. She never said anything about it to me, but the bell rung and I remember bragging to one of my friends like, "Man, I just blew that bitch's mind."
You see the difference between the two stories?

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