Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Epic Beard Man Follow-up

So he may have PTSD and this video may make you a little emotional, but here is an update on the man the internet has dubbed "Epic Beard Man."

So what if he used the term chinamen and not whatever the damned term they prefer is, are you perfect? I did not think so. The best line- "I says, you're gonna get a Vietnam now, mother." But do not forget this gem- "And I whipped his butt so fast, so quick, so pretty." Yes, you did, Tommy Slick. Yes you did. Do not mind that he thinks just because he is 67 he can carry a shank on him. At best, Epic Beard Man (you damn well better capitalize his name) is a little off tilt, but he is like the character in a story that seems dumb, but really gives the moments of lucidity and truth. And remember, "Don't f@#$ with senior citizens. They may surprise you sometimes."

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