Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Bowl Commercials Are Gay Anyway

People who go to Super Bowl parties or watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials are infuriating enough, but the fact that people discuss commercials before or after the game... *pow, right to the moon.* Domestic abuse references aside, I hate commercials regardless of race, creed, color, political preference, or religion. The nauseating stir surrounding the Super Bowl ad space (which I will use to get food, beer, and relieve myself) this year is CBS is planning to air a pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow while, at the same time, balking at showing an ad for a gay dating website. BFD! Is their money not green too? It is not as if the singular viewing of this commercial will turn all of our children into homosexuals thus ensuring the extinction of the human race. GLAAD is now calling CBS homophobic for their hesitation at running the ad. That makes me laugh. Have you ever thought about how homophobe and racist are two indefensible accusatory names? If someone calls you one of those two names, how would you defend it? "I have a gay friend" or "I have a friend of a different race than myself" are too cliched to work. CBS is in a precarious position, but not from me, I do not care what commercials you run because I will not be watching them.

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