Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Wrap-Up: 3 Parts

I. It was great to see the Colts lose last night. I personally dislike Peyton Manning intensely. The story of the night was told in facial expression, his rigid, determined game face upon entering the stadium, the frustration and irritation of Manning on the sideline after the missed field goal of Matt Stover (he is no Vinatieri after all), and then the above picture snapped during Peyton's postgame interview. Poor guy, as much as I do not like him or his football team he is still the best quarterback of all time. You can not really fault a guy for trying to cement his legacy.

II. The Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial was much ado about nothing. The outcry I heard from the world of outcriers led me to believe they were going to show aborted fetuses being vacuumed out of unwed mother's birth canals and then show a shot of an abortion clinic being blown up in real time. It was just a sweet little ad where Tebow's mom expressed how glad she was to have her son. Focus on the Family is obviously the shock jock of the Christian community and should be raided by the BATF, IRS, and the Department of Agriculture and indicted for their crimes against humanity. For an instance of despicable inhumanity view the ad below.

III. People who believe in a karmic ebb and flow of good and bad in the universe are simultaneously pointing at the Saints win as bandwagon jumpers pile on a vehicle that does not have the suspension to hold their collective weight and declare "New Orleans is back!" New Orleans did not rise above sea level after the clock hit 0:00. It was an awesome win, and hopefully it brightens some people's lives after their hangovers subside. Everyone's heart goes out to New Orleans in the wake of the devastation that will require decades to come back from, but Drew Brees crying and basking in the victory with his son did not make the levees in the city impenetrable. After the party, people who live in New Orleans still have a mostly fractured city to live in and fight for. I wish, wish, wish everything would be ok now, but it was just a football game. The Saints played an awesome game and should relish their victory. They are the best team in football right now, but there is real life to be lived in their city.

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