Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talk About 'On the Grid'

CNN did a Fox News impression today releasing a story titled, "The Government Has Your Baby's DNA." Whew, does that not just send shivers down your spine? Brrrr... I was already aware of the baby testing part of this story since I heard an interview a few years ago with former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly in which he talked about infant testing for genetic diseases. Kelly is an advocate for increased testing as a result of his personal experience losing his son to Krabbe disease. On his website dedicated to the issue he has a state-by-state map showing the number of diseases for which each state tests at birth. The testing is obviously not the problem. I know I want my children tested when they (3) are born. The issue is the government keeping the samples indefinitely. That is some X-Files shit right there. Orwell imagined it, and now our government does it. This is not some conspiracy theory that you can look at and laugh that people actually believe "that crap." If I may paraphrase a line or two from one of my favorite movies, No Country for Old Men, "It is the dismal tide. It is not the one thing." A bunch of "isolated incidents" that keep stacking up are not as isolated. I know I am paranoid, but maybe you are not paranoid enough. I realize this was not funny, and I am going to attempt to quit taking myself so seriously.

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