Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things No One Else Is Talking About: 9/11 Truth

Another 9/11 anniversary passed recently with a little bit less ado than the previous year, as has been the trend since the incident's first anniversary. I'm not saying no one cares. That's not the case. All Americans care about every aspect of the national tragedy that was 9/11. We have had several years to process some grief and move on to other struggles and pain, though.
Even I have a hard time writing this because the issue is so sticky, but there is an aspect of that day's events that may not be dealt with for several decades. Let me explain. Many people do not believe the official story that has been published on 9/11. In fact, many people on the commission don't think they got to the complete truth. I refer you to, as crazy as it sounds, Charlie Sheen. This is a long article, but read what you can of it. In spite of being viewed as a crackpot for his views on 9/11, even President Obama had to give him his due since Sheen was so well-researched for his "20 minutes with the President."
I'm not sure what I believe about 9/11 other than it was horrible. There are many lingering questions that have been raised and researched since 2001, but I doubt we will have any answers to them for a long time. We might be disconnected from that day's events by the time all of the truth sees the light.

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