Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Link Party- The Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day

What an incredibly beautiful woman. I want to eat cake off of that ass.

Quintessential Nonpopulism. My favorite micro-genre would be either rock band documentaries/concerts or books by misogynists, also impersonations. I can watch those for hours. [The A.V. Club]

I think this story is a case of so much research time that the story passed them by. Ammo prices have come down and there is more in stock compared to 6 months ago. That was the peak. [Associated Press via Yahoo!]

From the blog Living Obama Hell- A video that takes you back in time and gives some perspective on how President Obama got elected. [Living Obaba Hell's YouTube page]

A new level of stalking. Creepy. []

All those who are unemployed, take a page from this story. [Wall Street Journal]

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