Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Ideas Are Barely Good on Paper

"More oppression is what we need." That's what I was thinking to myself this morning as I awoke. Good thing I found this piece of shit story. The current level of oppression imposed on us by police forces across the US is obviously not enough. Now some police departments such as this one in Idaho have had some of their officers trained to be phlebotomists so that they can administer blood tests to the people who refuse breathalyzer tests when under suspicion for DUI. Why don't we all just live in cages on farms like chickens? We could have periods of exercise and have shelter and be fed three times a day, but we would be under constant supervision so nothing would ever go wrong and no one would ever do anything wrong. Let me live my damn life. I don't need your help brushing my teeth or putting on my clothes. Quit intruding!
With England leading the way, America is sprinting to catch up in ways our respective governments have control over our lives. This really doesn't even seem like a big shoe that's dropped. It's way less important than say, a United States president firing a CEO of a company (GM). I'm probably just overreacting as usual, right?

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