Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maybe Liberal Guilt

A great op-ed by Charlotte Allen of the Los Angeles Times.
I can not remember the last time I picked up a newspaper. It has been even longer since I have read the opinion section of a newspaper, but seeing it on the internet is much easier. I began reading the article based on the title alone, "Keep Your Self-righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food." How great is that? In this extremely well-written article Allen decries, and rightfully so, a group of authors and critics who think we should be paying more for goods including foodstuffs, furniture, and basically anything at Walmart. One author she points out, Ellen Ruppel Shell, wrote a book entitled "Cheap" where she lays out her liberal guilt in a how-to sort of way. Never mind that America has the highest jobless rate in recent history. What she proposes is plain inconvenient. Isn't that what publishers are for? To hold a book back when the timing is wrong? Shell, your book is not going to change anyone's mind. Masturbate your liberal guilt ego within your own group where someone may care. I also dare to say that some of the thinking behind the ideals laid out by Ellen Shell and others like her is rather socialist. Damn it, Joseph McCarthy was about 60 years too early. He would be shooting red fish in a freaking barrel in today's America. And "Keep Your Self-righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food."

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