Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They've Got Just As Much of a Right As We Do

Hugo Chavez recently being given a 2.2 billion credit line in order to buy arms may be a shock to some, but to me, it is rote dictatorial behavior that does not excite me in the least. The story (The Associated Press via Yahoo) details how Venezuela has already received $4 billion in financing from the Russian government in recent years, and quite frankly, they have a right to arm themselves. At the heart of Chavez anti-Western rhetoric lies the truth that the US does keep a watchful eye on his country to the point of increasing the access and number of American troops stationed in Columbia. Chavez is a cog in the balance of power that we learned about in history books when we were in high school. Even though the juggernaut that is America has slowed to a molasses pace, we still need someone to call us on out on shit. Why not a South American dictator? Bottom line: Venezuela is a sovereign country that has just as much of a right to defend their soil just as America.

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