Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wilson Digs in His Heels

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) did something that took a lot of balls, and balls are something we respect here at the Nonpopulist. During a speech to a joint-session of Congress Rep. Wilson blurted out, "You lie." *Madden voice* You see what he did there? The president was giving a speech, and he jumped up and called him a liar. BOOM* The action is hard to praise, much less justify, but it took some big ass balls. This article (Kansas City Star) details how Congressmen Wilson is now taking a defiant stance against his lawmaking colleagues after apologizing to the president in person. He feels the personal apology should be enough. As far as his public comments go, I feel he should take a less is more approach because he went on TV recently and made claims of how he respects the president and he upholds civility. Dude, you just interrupted the president during a speech and called him a liar. You lie. You don't respect shit, but that's alright. Just say, "I said what was on some other lawmaker's minds as well as many American's minds, but I did it in the wrong situation, and I could have been more articulate and respectful with my claim." That is all you have to say to come out smelling like roses and get re-elected. You'll find my bill in the mail.

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