Friday, January 29, 2010

Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day/Week

Sarah Silverman. Jewish chicks really do it for me.

Oprah took Leno to the mat. Not literally, but she ripped him up (not literally) and exposed him for the lying backstabber he is on her show. [from WWTDD]

Why are NFL athletes the only people who ever get caught for DUI's? Most people do not get caught. The irony is they have money for a cab or to pay a driver. This time it is rookie Rey Maualuga. []

J.D. Salinger died. I read Catcher in the Rye on my own in high school. I liked it, but I found it a little depressing, which I like. had the best obituary line with, "Reclusive author J.D. Salinger dead at 91. As usual, he was unavailable for comment."

The Funny or Die website is usually good for a laugh. Michael Tunison, editor of the website, "The Edge," has a take on the planned television show of the same name coming up on HBO. [The Edge]

The Ipad can suck a fart out of my ass. I am not even going to link to a story about that piece of s&%t.

STOP THE PRESSES! The government said no to an amount of spending. I mean, they are still spending a lot on this project. The president said no to one specific part. Partial win? Wait, no one uses presses anymore. [MSNBC]

G. Gordon Liddy understands what you are going through. This phone tampering story is fairly cool. [Alternet]

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