Monday, July 20, 2009

Windows Vista

Has there ever been more of a pariah in the computer operating system world than Windows Vista? Let me answer that for you- no. Everyone hates on Windows Vista, but as a technical support representative I have to say Windows Vista is not as bad as what you hear. It got a bad rap out of the gate for one main reason: not enough RAM to run the operating system. That is not Windows fault. That is the end-user's fault for not informed enough to upgrade their RAM to be able to handle Vista and the fault of the computer hardware manufacturers who instead of upgrading their hardware to have the full 1 gigabyte of RAM that Windows Vista needs to run, they left their half-ass 512 MB of RAM and said whatever. Vista is not that bad in actuality if you have a good enough computer to run it. Maybe the only thing Microsoft could be at fault for is not communicating strongly enough that 1 gig was required to run Vista. Damn, this is a nerdy ass post.

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