Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Next? Apparently De-Baptism

I'm a hard person to shock, so let me say that I was taken aback by this story. I'm already back to my previous forward position, though. I get it, you're atheists. I'm going to take a very nonpopulist position on this story especially considering I have a somewhat religious background. I'm actually glad it's getting press. I think anyone who had an infant baptism or discovered later in life their cognizant baptism doesn't mean anything to them should have the right to have a ceremony, however satirical. Do it publicly, Christians do.
Now you may say, I'm a Christian, and I am offended by that story. First let me get my composure after laughing at you for being offended. Being offended is the weakest posture/attitude/emotion around. Now think about this. Christians get a lot of press in this country so it's alright for atheists to get some. We still have a semblance of free speech in this country as well. I'm also unoffendable (made up word.) Nothing you can say or do can offend me. Because I'm not a weak little bitch. My blogging sucks? Yeh, I'm trying to get better. My mom's a whore? I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't have sex even in her over 20 year marriage, but if you know more than me, ok. My religious beliefs are false and silly? Well, I've been working on them for a while, and I think they're honed and refined enough to stand up to whatever you got if you're feeling froggy.
So go get de-baptized if you want to, but let people have their baptisms too. They both mean something to the individual party regardless of what you or I think. And your mother wears combat boots.

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