Friday, July 17, 2009


Soccer. What to say about soccer? Most of us played it when we were younger. I played 7 years old through 9th grade. After that I was a FIFA certified official and refereed youth league games. I say that to say I am more connected to the sport than the average American. I still can't stand to watch soccer on TV, though. I was listening to Colin Cowherd this morning, and he has apparently jumped on the soccer bandwagon. I like Herd, but I don't accept that. No amount of hype can get me to watch soccer on TV. That's one of the Nonpopulist's rules for life: Don't believe the hype. If you show me a 5 minute video of straight goals on YouTube I'll be captivated, but I'm not going to watch a whole game. This is America. We like football. That's not uninformed resistance to change. Them's the facts, ma'am. So soccer, continue to suck a fart out of our asses. signed, America. Now, here's a YouTube clip of awesome goals.

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  1. Man, I could watch that crap all day. I could probably watch that one Maradona clip where he schools like nine people in a row including the goalie every day as a sort of inspirational moment of the day. That would be a great way to start every day. Also, I love that Sandstorm techno song. That's right, I know what the song is called...